GATHERING SPARKS is the graceful collision of Eve Goldberg and Jane Lewis—musical friends who bonded over finely tuned harmonies and the craft of songwriting. Their inclusive approach embraces folk, pop, blues and gospel influences tastefully played on acoustic guitar, piano, accordion, and ukulele. 

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


Some folks have asked how they can help during this unprecedented time of uncertainty. All musicians' livelihoods will be affected by the mass event cancellations, and Gathering Sparks is no exception. We have already had many gigs, classes, and a US tour cancelled due to the coronavirus containment efforts. The health of our communities is a priority, and we will continue to cancel shows as needed. 

To concerned music fans everywhere, here are some ways you can support your favourite musicians: 

  • Buy merchandise from the artist’s online store.  
  • Buy a CD! This puts more money in the artist’s pocket than streaming.  
  • If you bought a ticket to a concert that was cancelled, donate the ticket cost to the artist or the venue. (Some venues are continuing to pay artists even if an event is cancelled.) 
  • Tune in and donate to live streaming concerts and artists’ other events online.  
  • Listen to your favorite artists on streaming platforms, since every play is monetized.     
  • Share links to your favorite tracks and create a post or video about why this music means so much to you.  
  • Add a song to your playlist.  
  • Include their song/s in your own videos.  
  • When shows do resume, buy tickets and help them pack out the venue. 

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