Workshop Descriptions


Explore Your Voice - Vocal Basics (or "Singing for Non-Singers") 
Explore your voice, learn some basic singing tips & techniques, and get a little more comfortable with your vocal instrument! Based on the simple idea that everyone can sing, this workshop uses simple songs to work on building confidence singing in a group. We'll look at the different ways we can use our voices and work on improving our pitch, timbre, and rhythm. Beginner level. 

An Introduction to Harmony Singing 
This workshop will introduce students to the basics of singing in harmony. Using exercises and songs, we'll look at some of the tricks to finding simple harmonies and we'll practice holding on to our parts while listening to other parts. We'll be working by ear, so there is no need to know how to read music. Suitable for any level of experience, but participants should be able to sing the scale (do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do). Any level. 

Eve & Jane will lead your group in a rousing session of singing a variety of songs that people already know, or that we can easily teach. Singing together is a fun & community-building experience for any group! Any level. 

Circle Singing & Vocal Improv 
Using various circle singing and guided improvisation exercises, we'll experiment with the power and play of our voices. No singing experience necessary, just a willingness to explore your vocal sound. Any level. 

Vocal Meditation 
Spend an hour tuning up and tuning in. We'll explore various relaxing sounding exercises as well as chants and simple songs. This group is intended to give you a sense of calm & grounding, as well as an uplifted spirit. Any level. 

Beatles Harmony 
Explore different types of harmony singing through Beatles songs! The Fab Four created some very interesting harmony arrangements, and they are fun to sing together in a group. Any level of experience. 



You Can Uke! 
The ukulele is enjoying an incredible resurgence in popularity, and it's no wonder. Ukulele is an accessible instrument that offers a world of possibilities in a small, beguiling package. In this workshop we'll explore some of the many musical possibilities offered up by the ukulele. We'll explore chords and strumming as well as melody playing and put it all together in simple but effective group arrangements. Beginner to intermediate level. 

Ukulele Orchestra 
We'll take one or two well-known songs and work up a fun arrangement for a group to play together at many skill levels. There will be easy parts for those just getting started, and there will be challenging parts for those who already have a lot of playing experience. By the end we'll all be singing, strumming, and picking together in a multi-layered extravaganza. Suitable for beginners up to advanced players, but you should know two or three chords to participate. 

Beginning Guitar 
Learn to accompany hundreds of folk songs in less than two hours! In addition to learning three or four chords, students will leave the workshop with a basic understanding of accompaniment and will be given resources for songbooks and other handy accessories every musician should have. Beginner level. 

Introduction to Boom-Chuck Guitar 
In this workshop, students will be introduced to the guitar style pioneered by Mother Maybelle Carter, one of the most influential guitar players ever to record. We'll focus on the guitar as an accompaniment for singing. Students will learn common bass notes and bass runs, and how to pick out simple melodies to enhance the songs. Advanced beginner to intermediate level. 

Introduction to Fingerstyle Guitar 
This workshop will introduce students to fingerpicking blues and folk melodies. Using a couple of different songs, we'll learn how to find melodies and play them while keeping our bass notes and chords going. Students should have basic knowledge of chords and some experience playing guitar already. Advanced beginner to intermediate. 



Whether you've never written a song before, or you want to take your songwriting to the next level, this workshop will provide a fun, supportive environment to develop your skills and kickstart your creativity. Through writing exercises, group discussion, word play, and demonstration, we'll explore different aspects of writing songs. No previous experience necessary, but experienced writers will also benefit. 

Chord Chemistry and The Circle of Fifths 
n this participatory workshop we'll explore how chords fit together in songs, starting with simple two-chord songs and building up to songs with five, six, or seven chords. Students will be introduced to the Nashville numbering system and the magical Circle of Fifths. Along the way we'll talk about transposing, songwriting, and being able to play along with others in a jam situation. Advanced beginner to intermediate level.